School Deconstructed: Find Your Fit

High school, yikes! Like any other senior, I’ve gone through a lot of rough patches during my time in high school. I’ve felt heartaches and headaches for both relationships and my grades. The amount of best friends that I’ve made, only to lose them three months later, are almost countless. High school was incredibly emotionally draining, but I take it all as a learning experience. In the School Deconstructed series, I will show you the everyday life of a high school student, but divided into visual subcategories like fashion, lunch, supplies, etc. Find Your Fit is about what students are wearing and their approaches to their outfits. You get to decide what fits for you: comfy, cute, or however else.

People often ask how I make these photos, so I will let you in on my super secret process. First, I take a shot of someone I know with my DSLR camera, and then I display the image that on my phone. This will be used as a reference to guide the position of the following models so that they are all doing the same pose. After that, I edit the photos on a computer and create a collage using the different models. The first photo includes my friends Sean and Wes who keep it tight and aren’t afraid to make bold statements. The second photo combines my friends Summer, Sabrina, and Christy into a composite, comfy, yet stylish fit. 
Summer, Sabrina, and Christy.