The Guest List: Davis O’Shea Pt. II

From what I can tell, most cool things that happen to my friends and I happen completely by chance. I think Davis O’Shea’s story this week is a pretty good example of that. Here is an actual photo of him, since his blind contour from the last post didn’t do his face justice:


He’s spent quite a while in the bay, so quite a bit of whack crap has happened to him. Here’s one of those things (as told by Davis himself):

“We went to Emma’s house, for a reason I don’t remember and then that was the first time I met her dog. Also the first time I met her, but more importantly, her dog. Just kidding. The dog is cool. And then we had gotten tickets to go see Frankie Cosmos. We got on the bus with some carrots because we were gonna feed her dog carrots, or maybe we were just talking about how much the dog loves carrots. So we got on the bus and we were hanging out on the bus and there was this dude hanging out with a weird sketchbook and stuff going on. He looked like he hadn’t taken a shower in a while, maybe. And he had a camera and he was like, ‘Can I take your guys’ photo?’ We were like ‘Sure’ and he took our photo. Then you started talking to him about bands and stuff. Then he was all, ‘Where are you guys going?’ And we were all, ‘We’re going to see Frankie Cosmos’ and he was like, ‘Yo, that’s fuckin sick, dude.’ Then you talked to him about how we should go to see The Garden, and you were all, ‘Yo I’d love to see The Garden.’ And I was like, ‘She knows about The Garden? I have no idea who that is.’ Then, you had heard of his band (SWMRS) and he put us on the guest list for their next show in Oakland. So that was cool, and then we left and went to the show. And then, we went to the show and got milkshakes. Then drank them in the parking lot. We’re just chillin’, as they say … Then we got kicked out of the parking lot. That’s the whole thing.”

Here’s a little illustration of that thing that was just explained:

Thanks for tuning in.