M&M: Products Used

I started experimenting with makeup in 8th grade and since then I would say my knowledge of products has greatly evolved. I used to think that using high-quality brands was the only way to be good at achieving a look. Since then I have explored many different kinds of makeup within many different price ranges. In this post, I will be listing the products that I use, whether daily or for the specific looks I’ve created here.

I’m going to start with my most frequently used eyeshadows, starting with the cheapest:

Take Me to Brazil  – BH Cosmetics

With this palette, I feel like there isn’t a need for any other. All the colors you need are in this set and especially if you’re doing colorful looks, this palette is wonderful. While it may seem like the holy grail, it isn’t extremely pigmented but for $11 it really does the job.

Vintage Filter – Sephora

My first ever eyeshadow palette was this one and it was such a great starter palette. Although it isn’t that pigmented, it blended out beautifully and is good to use for everyday looks.

Sweet Peach Eye  – Too Faced

First of all, this palette smells amazing. I may have bought it just because of how great it smells. No, I’m just kidding (although it does smell amazing). This palette was one of my first pricier palettes and I really did see a difference between it and my Sephora and Take Me to Brazil palettes. Although there are some colors, such as “Bless Her Heart” and a few of the darker shades that I don’t use, it’s not because they are bad. I just tend to create looks that don’t use them.

Huda Beauty – Desert Dusk Palette

When I first saw this palette, I told myself that I had to have it. It is my most expensive one, but I believe it is well worth the $65. Because of the Desert Dusk, I don’t think I will need to buy another palette for a while. All the colors are just stunning and they blend so well. I would say that the only downsides are the glittery shades because they aren’t packed as tightly and tend to be messy.


Colorful Wink – It Felt Liner Waterproof in black – Sephora

It has been a journey with black eyeliner and myself. At first, I started with drugstore brands and gradually began using higher-end eyeliners. One time, while I was looking for Magic Marc’er Precision Pen Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (which was $30 and it pained me when I had to buy a new one), a worker came up to me and told me about the Sephora brand eyeliner. As soon as she put it on the back of my hand, I was in awe. The color went on so nicely and the felt tip allowed the line to go on so smooth. It was also only $14, I was sold. Since then, this has become my go to eyeliner and a staple in my makeup bag. Last year, I even got about five of them for Christmas because I would talk about how much I love this eyeliner.

Vivid Brights Liner – NYX

As an eyeliner to create looks with and then remove, this works really well. The colors are so pretty and bright. But if you plan to wear out a colorful look, I don’t recommend this one. It tends to flake off and is kind of uncomfortable on your eyes after awhile. Other than that, it is really easy to apply and looks very vibrant.


Eyeshadow Primer – Milani

For the most part, I only use one primer. Honestly, I didn’t even know that you should use a primer before you put on eyeshadow until my friend told me. This eyeshadow does what it’s supposed to do, lasts a very long time, and won’t break the bank.

You really only need a few good palettes and some different colored eyeliners to create looks. I hope you get the idea that no matter where your price range lies, it is possible to get the best and most pigmented product. Maybe this post has even inspired you to create a look for the holidays.