Psychic Psychedelia: Malik Charles Payton [Xanubis] 1

For this and upcoming posts in Psychic Psychedelia, I have made the decision to move away from reimagined cover art.  Although I enjoyed re-envisioning existing album covers, I figure I can do something more original and personal.  My close friend, Malik, makes hip-hop/rap music and with every piece of music he creates, he needs artwork for the cover. Therefore, my final few posts on Psychic Psychedelia will be original pieces for Malik’s songs. This one is for his future album, Tombstone.  He still has lots of work to do on it, and I will probably make changes to this before it’s official, but he asked for it so I said why not. Hope you enjoy my first post of this type. Also check out Malik’s Soundcloud here.

The Vision

“Eye of Horus on my face awaken my third eye,

xans on my thigh to remember how I died,

fear nothin on my fingers cause I lost fear,

tatted on my wrist the numbers that I hold dear”