Beauty or Nah: Desio Sensual Beauty Toric Lenses in Desert Dream

Hello Beauties!

Lately, I have been into wearing colored contact lenses. If you haven’t noticed already (most likely via social media), colored contacts are becoming trendy again and a lot of celebrities and makeup gurus on YouTube are wearing colored contact lenses to enhance more eyeshadow looks, since the color of your eyes can basically change your face and ultimately play a big role in how your makeup looks.

I have really dark-brown eyes, and I have always been on the hunt for colored contacts, specifically green ones. Recently, I finally found my holy grail contact lenses in Desio. More specifically, the Desio Sensual Beauty Toric Lenses in Desert Dream, which I will be covering in this post.

Cute and glossy pink box the contact lenses come in.
Cute and glossy pink box the contact lenses come in.
Contact lenses case.
Contact lenses case.

These lenses are €80.00, which comes out to about $90. That is very expensive to me, but it’s this expensive because the toric lenses are actually prescription lenses for people with astigmatism (like me). Desio does have regular contact lenses as well, without prescription, that are €39.00 (which is about $44), and they also sell contact lenses with prescription for people who do not need toric lenses that are €44 (about $50). That’s still very expensive in my opinion, but I honestly do think it’s worth the price because these contact lenses are so beautiful. These lenses are reusable, you have to clean the lenses after you wear them, and store them in an eye contact case. These lenses last for only 3 months, then you have to buy another pair.

As I mentioned before, I naturally have extremely dark-brown eyes and if you did not know that and saw me walking down the street with these contact lenses on, you would think my eyes are green and blue like the ocean, that’s how amazing these contact lenses are. I definitely will repurchase these contact lenses again.

My eyes with and without the contact lenses.
My eyes with and without the contact lenses.

What I Like:

  • These contact lenses are very comfortable to wear, they do not move around on my eyes.
  • They look very realistic and do a great job of masking my dark – brown eyes.
  • They are easy to put on and remove. Desio also provide you with a contact lense case to store the contacts, which is nice.

What I Dislike:

  • I have really dry eyes, so my eyes do get a bit red after I wear these lenses for an extended period of time.
  • You have to buy contact lense solution in order to store the contacts, which seems like it should be included with the lenses, considering the price.
  • Desio is located in Italy, so it takes about a month, or sometimes even longer, to actually get the lenses in the mail.
  • They are a bit on the expensive side.

Grade: A