A Pause for Sanity: Sisters

One of the people that has been a constant in my life for quite a while now is my older sister. Thinking back on my childhood, I can remember various ways in which she influenced and guided me. Through our many highs and lows, we have always found ways to reconnect and make our bond stronger. This past week, I have spent some time reminiscing on all the good times we shared, and began to understand what an important role she had played in my life all along. I remember when we would wake up early in the morning to surf in Pacifica and have quick trips up to Tahoe to snowboard on powder days. She always pushed me to be brave and gave me unconditional support through moments of panic. Even our quick 15-minute drives to school in the morning meant the world to me. As with everything else I have written about in my posts, I don’t always appreciate my family enough. They have been supportive of me all of my life, and will hopefully be with me for a majority of the rest of it. My sister will forever be a role model, inspiration, and friend, and I hope I can be the same for her. Even with 365 miles between us, I will continue to stay in touch with her and remind her of everything she has done for me.