School Deconstructed: Lincoln Layout

Most of the time spent in school is sitting at a desk or table, silently observing and doing your own work. Classrooms can get pretty boring after being in them for an entire semester. Although, at Lincoln, there’s a large variety of classes and classrooms that you might find yourself in. The lower basement floor is mostly just the cafeteria. The classes down there are primarily for students in academies or in ACE Pathways, however it also includes the biotech, AP Psychology, AP Biology, and photography classrooms.

Basement floor: English and Teacher’s Academy classroom.
Basement floor: Japanese and Teacher’s Academy classroom.

On the first floor, you’ll find the following rooms: world languages, art studios, offices, English classes, drama, music, history, and more. If you leave the main building, you find yourself at what we call, the new building (NB). These classrooms are usually much larger and newer than classes in the main building.

First floor: history classroom.

The second floor is a mix of all sorts of classes and doesn’t have much going on, aside from housing the school library. Probably the most interesting class you’ll ever hear about there is Marine Biology, where the teacher really loves whales. The highest floor, the third floor, has all the typical math and science classes. Typical excludes the distressing chemistry classroom, environmental sciences, and physiology.

Now that you know your way around the hallways of Abraham Lincoln High School, it’s time for me to peace out. Thanks for taking the journey!