A Thousand Sleepless Nights: Introduction

A Thousand Sleepless Nights: Introduction

What are these things inside me; these fist-curling, ink-splattering emotions?

Drifting, late night thoughts sometimes do the best job to define who we are. The ideas that come to me at night end up becoming some of my most beautiful creations, and through A Thousand Sleepless Nights, I want to encourage evening ingenuity amongst all of you. Together we can give up some sleep and bring more art to the world. Does poetry invoke your greatest longings, deepest thoughts, and happiest memories? When I write for Sleepless Nights, I unlock a unique part of my personality. I hope that when you read this column, you can see that in my words. I hope that I can bring out that unique part of you too.

As you read each post, think of a melody, a rhythm. Make each verse your own. Feel free to email me your creations at athousandsleeplessnights.sf@gmail.com


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