And Dim Sum More: Karaoke Classics

And Dim Sum More: Karaoke Classics

Music is a quintessential part of any culture, and Chinese folk music was a large part of my upbringing. My mom would belt out her favorite songs while doing errands in the house all the time, so I quickly memorized the lyrics without knowing what they meant. Her all-time favorite artist was Teresa Teng, a Taiwanese folk singer who was most famous for her songs “When Will You Return?” and “The Moon Represents My Heart.” My mom had a karaoke DVD of Teng’s concerts and would put them on the TV, often singing her heart out while ignoring my complaints. There were many Saturday mornings when I was awakened by the loud crooning of my mom and the TV. My mom hasn’t busted out the DVD in years, but instead of the annoyance I felt before, I’ve come to really enjoy listening to Teng’s music and find that the familiar tunes are relaxing.

Fun Fact: Even though she sang mainly Chinese songs, Teng never held a concert in China.

Road trips down to Disneyland during my childhood were spent listening to CDs my dad had prepared in a thick CD holder. The music usually consisted of Disney movie soundtracks, 80’s music, but most of all, Chinese classics. The trips were long and the CDs only carried a limited number of songs, so we listened to the same songs again and again. Among these was a Cantonese cover of George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” by Anita Mui. I listened to this version so much that when I finally heard Michael’s original I thought it was a cover of the Chinese version. Now when I listen to Mui’s cover, I’m always left with a smile on my face. Take a listen below!

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