Collection Agency: The Most Comprehensive Collection Agency Post Ever (aka The Summer Edition)

If The Wave‘s Collection Agency was a soup and the Wavers’ additions were ingredients, this one would be the most difficult to make (merely because of the sheer volume of components). Like always, what everyone in our crew has been using as fuel for their internet distractions is all over the board. There’s plenty of art, music, things to read, some classic humorous YouTube videos, as well as a particularly amusing baby. Enjoy the latest compilation of the Collection Agency!

1. Art with Personality

I love this blog—I really like how much personality he gives his characters. Whenever I need a burst of inspiration, I check out this artist’s most recent work. – Erin Ichimura, Mint in Canthem

2. Disco Distractor

While new, up-and-coming artists are great, I get easily distracted groovin’ out to this funky oldie – Lola Miller-Henline, Let’s Talk About Sex

3. Redbone in Nature

This is a cover of “Redbone” (originally a Childish Gambino song) by Andie Isalie. When this video first came out, I would listen to this version nonstop. Something about her voice, the use of the kazoo and guitar, the clothes she’s wearing, and the fact that she’s performing this song actually out in nature (you can hear all types of natural sounds, like birds) makes this one of my favorite covers ever. – Nelson Poon, Reel Snacks

4. CD9’s New Single Is Really Good

I find myself listening to this song a lot lately because this is the newest song from favorite band, CD9. In other words, it’s their new single and it’s really good! – Juana Tostado, Where the Two Worlds Meet.

5. Riddle Me This

I think that the riddles on this channel are always interesting to think about and I like the fun, colorful animations that go along with them—but I also use them to procrastinate a lot! – Lauren Lynch, YUM!

6. Beach House Surprise

This seemingly simple video takes a surprising turn! When I first saw this, I was eager to show all of my friends. Perhaps we should attempt to make a Sunset Media Wave hut on Ocean Beach? – Melina Diaz, The Meme-ing of Life

7. Even SZA’s Broken Clocks Are Right Twice a Day

Recently SZA released her new album, Ctrl, and I’ve basically had this album on repeat for these past few weeks. One of my favorite songs is “Broken Clocks,” it just flows so well and it’s a great song to listen to while walking or on the bus. – Emy Gepilano, Feel the Beat

8. Sarah Baska Can(‘t) Sing

Sarah Baska is one of my favorite YouTubers because she is really funny and always makes me laugh. She has a great way of looking at life and is always trying to stay positive. – Kylie Choi, Sidestreet Runway

9. This Baby Though

This Korean baby—and her Instagram account—shines a ray of sunshine into my daily life. – Ciara Kosai, Midnight Snack Homeshake™

10. Art by Ennun

Ennun is one of my favorite artists on the internet. I don’t know how to put into words just how much I love her art style, so I’ll let her art do the explaining. – Alicia Ng, Here for a Pun Time

11. A Dutch Photo Generator That’s Now Dead

Recently I found this website through Instagram that several other people have tried. You draw something in the left box and it generates it into a person to some extent…. I have provided a video of a couple of things I tried and the results. – Jade Ichimura, The Ultimate Mover’s Guide to Multiverse Travels

12. A Melodramatic Ginger

This is hilarious. Help me. – Hannah Liu, Find Your Voice

13. Piano Meets Hip-Hop

Nujabes is a talented hip-hop artist whose songs I always come back to. He brought me into the world of hip-hop and I greatly appreciate his contributions to the genre. – Hiroya Gojo, From Zero to a Game

14. Giant-Headed Comic Book Characters

Dongwon is a high school student with a giant head, and he keeps getting bullied (for obvious reasons). When he transfers to Rainbow High School, his class is full of students who are similarly mutated. The comic starts out as an unsuspicious comedy, but each of the characters reveals a distinct backstory and personality along the way. For example, Dongwon’s best friend is an outgoing, happy-go-lucky guy with really long arms. After about 200 chapters, it is revealed that his dad died from cancer, and he became outgoing in order to cheer up his mom, and take care of the people around him (like his dad used to). I love how the comic manages to take characters so silly looking, and turn them into flawed humans, who you can empathize with and laugh with at the same time. – Helen So, BLOODSDREAM

15. Show-Stopping Instagram Artists

I am fascinated by art, and Ruth Speer’s art is particularly fascinating. She is able to create super realistic pieces while using abstract colors and interesting backgrounds. All of her pieces look exactly like her models. – Margaret Goeke, Exposure

16. Cats

I showed this video to my mom once, which was three years ago, and she still does fake patty-cake every time I try to high-five her. – Ella Boyd-Wong, of Loosesleaved, Cover Story, and The Significance of Unimportance