Letters of Abstraction: Dear Acceptance

Dear Acceptance,

As the last abstraction that I will write to, I guess you’d have to be important.

You are.

To say that you’re just important seems like a gross understatement. But let us not rush. First, who are you? To me, you aren’t just self-acceptance and being comfortable with who you are. That is a big and important part, but to me you are being able to move on from the past and live fully. One of my biggest flaws is not being able to abandon the past and I often find that I don’t fully enjoy my experiences in the present. Acceptance is the key to finding happiness.

We all go through pain and most abstractions can consume us. This is humanity’s greatest weakness, to be stuck in the past with no appreciation for the present. I am often accused of being ungrateful. I do apologize, but how can I be grateful for what I have now when all I want is to go back in time?

It’s time to wake up and accept.

We have to accept our envy and our fear and our friendships and our love. We have to accept our past. It’s time to live for yourself and learn to miss the past but not desire it. I know that achieving this is almost impossible but it’s when we find you that we can fully live.

Wake up.


With love,

-Letters of Acceptance