And Dim Sum More: Recent Lines

APs are horrible and all, but if it’s AP Studio Art: Drawing, it can’t be all too bad. For my AP portfolio, I had to create 12 works based off of a common theme, called a “concentration.” I was inspired by my trip to China last summer, and decided to focus on my Chinese culture. During my spring semester, I found myself in a creative rut and was struggling to find something to create. I’d been really loving the past works I made in the summer using Micron pens, which I wrote about in “And Dim Sum More: A Summer in the Motherland,” and decided to make a series of ink drawings. The more compact and chaotic, the better.

These first two works were made to go together with my “Hanging Laundry” piece, and were based on photos I took on my phone in China and Taiwan. With varying line weights and cross-hatches, I recreated both scenes. The crowded lines replicate the feelings of chaos and busyness that I sometimes feel when traveling in China. Just like walking through a tight city street, looking at the works may feel overwhelming.

“Looking Up,” 8.5″x11″, ink on bristol paper. Red umbrellas hover above a secluded alleyway in Phoenix Ancient Town (Fenghuang), China.
“The Descent,” 8.5″x11″, ink on bristol paper. A mother and son walk down a lantern-lined stairway in Jiufen, Taiwan.

The piece below, “Pocky at Tiffany’s”, was created in the same style as “Bobaland” that I painted in the summer. I wanted to continue the theme of Asian snacks, contrasting blue and pink tones, and linework on the face and hands. I drew inspiration from the iconic movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” for her pose, accordingly adding a Tiffany blue backdrop and text on the Pocky box.

“Pocky at Tiffany’s,” 11″x14″, ink and watercolor on bristol paper.