real cute: all things kawaii

I’ve made it to the final post of real cute for this summer! In this post, all things kawaii, I’ve drawn cute animated characters. It might sound like I’m speaking a completely different language (and I am, mostly Japanese), and I might sound crazy, but these are the names of the characters I’ve drawn:

– Pusheen

– Rilakkuma

– Molang

– tokidoki

– Chi’s Sweet Home

– Miffy

– Sumikko Gurashi

– Cinnamoroll

– Mamegoma

I was basically a kawaii nerd in middle school (yikes). I was obsessed with cute things and you could show me a random character from anywhere and I would be like, “Hey, that’s hahdjfbjs” or say something in Japanese or Korean that sounded like complete gibberish (but was actually the name of the thing). Thankfully, I’m mostly over that phase, but it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped liking kawaii things. I still have the urge to buy cute stickers and plushies all the time, but it’s not the same as before. I like many other things now too, and I’ll still always like kawaii stuff. Promise.

This post doesn’t have all the kawaii characters I like, so maybe I’ll do a post in the future that adds to this compilation. Hope you enjoy!