TBLO3: Procrastination

This is it. My final post before school starts. For those like me, who are trying to run away from reality, let me do you a favor and remind you that you have about 480 hours before summer officially ends. I know, unfortunate, isn’t it? Am I the only one who feels as if I’ve spent too much time laying and flopping around like a fat seal? Every time I end the day and head to sleepy town, I regret everything. Then I let it go, and tell myself that it’s okay, and that I have another month before summer ends. The cycle just keeps on repeating until finally, school starts. I ended up writing a whole paragraph about this, but really, it can be summarized in one word: procrastination. That’s why this shall be the featured word of this post. However, this time, instead of having only my two friends and I drawing, I’m going to ask my other friends, as well as my family, to join in with a dry-erase marker and a whiteboard.

Sandra: “I snack when I procrastinate. Oh who am I kidding I snack even when I’m working.”

Sandra’s brother (Ryan): “I stare at the table.”

He was about to say he stares at the wall.

Sandra’s sister in law (Mai):

It’s unfortunate but this is her at home. She acts like a pregnant women.

Sandra’s dad:

“Computer. I watch the computer.”

Sandra’s Uncle:

“I drink tea, good tea. Uhhhh…where does the butt go? How do you draw the butt?”

Sandra’s aunt: “This is me on my bed with my iPad.”

Sandra’s stepmom:

This, if you couldn’t tell, is an iPad.

Sandra’s friend 1:

Sandra’s friend 2: “It’s Snapchat. Girls like selfies.”

Sandra’s friend 3:

I sense shade in this one.

Sandra’s friend 4:

Sandra’s friend 5:

Sandra’s friend 6: “I’m very extra.”

Sandra’s friend 7:

Okay, that’s a lie. I’ve never witnessed her cleaning once in my life. Her desk is also the messiest desk I’ve ever seen. I speak only the truth!

Katie: “I’m the queen of procrastination. I walk around and scavenge for snacks in the refrigerator.”

Leila: “I don’t procrastinate. I’m a good girl.”

When I asked my friends to draw for me they all replied with the same text : “I can’t draw”.

Some of my friends followed after asking for their payment.

Don’t worry I’ll never pay you guys.

Well, it’s been a nice two months. This ends my final post. Perhaps I’ll make my return, and revive TBLO3, or ditch it for good. Well, anyways, I had fun, and so did my idiotic friends. Alas, I will not see you next semester. Bye.