Feeling Nostalgic: My Room

Like most people my age, I spend quite a lot of time in my room. Having my own space is something that is very important to me. I feel at ease there, it’s a place where I can unwind. I decorate my room with things that bring me joy. In my room, you can find plants in every corner, art on all the walls, and empty teacups on my bedside table. Having my own room is something I doubly appreciate because I used to have to share a room with my brother. Back in those days, I could never escape the barrage of my younger brother’s constant questions. I always asked my parents when I could have my own room, but they never gave me a direct answer.

Eventually, I got my own room, and I will never forget the day it happened. While I was away on my 7th-grade outdoor education program in Yosemite, my parents changed our old living room into a space just for me. I was so shocked when I came home to a new bed, and furniture. I immediately began to plan out how I would decorate my room, what curtains to buy, and where my rabbit’s cage would go. With this piece, I tried to capture the peaceful feeling that washes over me when I am in my room. I hope that with this post, others will appreciate their living spaces more.