Meme Team: Meet the Team!

Are you someone who loves to look at art? Are you someone who loves memes? Are you obssessive about the characters you read about, follow and watch? Then this is the place for you! Welcome to the Meme Team! This column will be about my original characters and how their personalities can be explained through memes. How I will accomplish this is by choosing which characters I want to present in my column, choose memes that fit my character’s personality, and draw my character as a variation on that meme.

I got inspired to try this idea because memes are so funny and they brighten up my day. They also reveal so much personality. For example, the “You know I had to do it to em,” meme gives off a mischievous vibe. Another reason is that my characters resemble an aspect of my own personality, of the person I want to become, traits I admire, and the people who I wish were a part of my life. Not only that, they resemble my internal and external struggles in the world.  I hope to have my characters inspire people to improve themselves and become the person that they want to be as well.