Raise The Bar: How to Lift

Today I’m going to cover some of the basic workout terms. Whichever technique you are working this, always make sure your back is straight and chest is always out. The easiest way to do that is to keep your elbows up when resting on the chest; never slouch and lift! Also, try not to work out alone because a spotter can help you if you get hurt and also, it’s a lot more fun when you have a partner. Alright, let’s get to it. Many of these terms will be used when you are reading a workout. It will be easier if you write them down.

Workout Terms:

  • BS (Back Squat)
  • OS (Overhead Squat)
  • FS (Front Squat)
  • MP (Military Press)
  • CDL (Deadlift – close grip)
  • CP (Clean Pull – close grip)
  • SP (Snatch Pull – wide grip)
  • SDL (Snatch Deadlift)
  • M (Mid)
  • K (Knee)
  • C (Clean)
  • J (Jerk)
  • PP (Push Press)
  • PJ (Power Jerk)
  • MS (Muscle Snatch)
  • P (Press)


Hand Placement:

CLEAN (Close grip) means to put your hands a little more than shoulder-width apart:


SNATCH (Wide grip) means to put your hands near the outer line. Here’s an example:

A beginner’s workout would be:


  • FS + P     5 (3 x 3) ONLY BAR
  • CM          5 x 3 ONLY BAR
  • CK           5 x 2 Go up anywhere between 5 – 10 kilograms (11 – 22 pounds)
  • C             5 x 1 Same as knee weight
  • CPull      5 x 3 Start with weight from knee then go up to weight where it is a little challenging, but comfortable


  • OS(Wide Grip)        5 x 5 Bar only
  • S Mid    5 x 3 Bar only
  • S Knee 5 x 2 Bar only
  • S          5 x 1 Bar – Start with 5 kilos(11 pounds).

             Only add weight if its really easy and form can remain solid. Go up by 5 kilos everytime you increase.

  • SPull    5 x 3 Same weight as regular snatch.


For days that you are unable to do CJ or Snatch, just do squats.


BS  6(5 x 5) light  or BS 6 (5 x 3)Medium  or BS 6 (5 x 2)Close to Heavy  or

BS 6 (5 x 1)Heavy or max out

Same thing with FS.  Alternate between the two workouts.