The Opal Projects: Project Commitment 1/2

Imara Payton Williams

Hello again! I know it has only been a week or two, but welcome back! I hope you are having a wonderful day because I am not. I am so tired and it’s only Thursday. This is so weird to me because Thursdays are my pre-energetic days (Thursday being the day before Friday, get it?). I have been busy with a project in the works called Carrie: The Musical. I have been stressed to perfect my audition so I could get the role I wanted, therefore I couldn’t record my first video. I’m sorry because I know you want to see my “beautiful” face. (This will make more sense later.)

My first post will be a test on my ability to commit and to finish something. I’ve already started the story and found the prompt I will use. Here is a sneak peek to keep you on your toes:

The dream went like this: I woke up in the fanciest mansion I had ever seen, six bedrooms, five baths, and even a movie theater. I didn’t know what to think: all I could remember was myself in my smelly old folks home with smelly old folks. I felt a sense of beauty and luxury. In the last bathroom, I go through, I see it: myself. I was so beautiful I could barely realize that the bath had the biggest tub in the world. There was a man in it.

“Baby, I’m glad to see that you woke up. Get in.” 

“Who are you” I questioned.

“Your husband, James. You’re scaring me. Are you ok?”

“One-second honey, I need to go get something.”

I stormed out of the bathroom to try to find identification and headed back to the bedroom I first awoke from.

I hope you enjoyed that preview. Stay tuned for the whole video and story!