The Wave: Hillary Clinton for President

Though it is unprecedented in the history of this publication, the Editorial Board at Sunset Media Wave has decided it is necessary for us to make an endorsement in the upcoming presidential election (and considering that in our three years of existence, there has not been a single presidential election, this move is truly unprecedented). Like our colleagues at the New York Times, Washington Post, SF Chronicle, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, San Antonio Express NewsBangor Daily NewsThe Bakersfield Californian, The Fresno Bee, The Kansas City StarMt. Vernon Register-News, CThe Chico Enterprise-Record, The Billings GazetteVogue Magazine, and the Sensible Citizens Seeing Sights Quarterly (among many, many others), we felt that it is now our patriotic duty to make a clear-eyed, level-head endorsement in this race. The time has come for us to take a stand, and so we at Sunset Media Wave hereby officially endorse Hillary Rodham Clinton for President of the United States of America.

Frankly, selecting a presidential candidate to endorse in this election was not a hard decision—we believe the choice is clear, and we urge you to take to the voting booths on November 8th and exercise your right to choose a competent, intelligent, experienced, compassionate, not-psychotic, not-xenophobic, not-race-baiting-and-fear-mongering-spewer-of-demagoguery, not-clearly-a-sociopath, able-to-keep-her-hands-to-herself kind of candidate. In our view, Hillary Clinton is the right candidate. Also, how incredible will it be to finally have a woman hold the highest level of office in the country? Pretty amazing, right?

Don’t believe us? Well, maybe you’ll believe one or two names included in the list of exemplary citizens we’ve compiled below, all of which have joined us in officially endorsing Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. (And if you don’t believe them, there are also these, I don’t know, 70 NOBEL LAUREATES that also endorsed Hillary, so, you know…)

A List of Fine American Citizens Who Have Endorsed Hillary Clinton for President:
Heidi Klum
Kim Kardashian
JJ Abrams
Marc Jacobs
Anne Rice
Ben Affleck
Leonardo DiCaprio
Stephen Curry
DJ Khaled
Snoop Dogg
50 Cent
Jon Bon Jovi
Cards Against Humanity
Macklemore& Ryan Lewis
Tim Gunn
Michelle Kwan
Rosie O’Donnel
Samuel L. Jackson
Steven Spielberg
Quentin Tarantino
Martha Stewart