Not a Phase: Red and Orange Is the New Black

My earliest memories are ones where I’m next to my sister, standing on the couch, waving out the window to our brother as he went to preschool. Back then, we spent our days plopped in front of the TV– either watching Brain Games, Winnie the Pooh, or Clifford. Our dad refused to get cable, so we only got to expierience Nickelodeon when we’d go to our friends’ house. This piece is inpired by those times compared to now. My favorite characters from old cartoons and video games are accompanied by some more of my favorite albums right now.

Albums Featured:                                                     Songs Listened to While Creating:

Anti- Rihanna                                                            Soul Child- Zak Abel

Arizona Babay- Kevin Abstract                                Excited- Saba

Channel Orange- Frank Ocean                               Never Call Me- Jhene Aiko

Flowerboy- Tyler, the Creator                                 Can’t Take a Joke- Drake