And Dim Sum More: See You Soon

Through bittersweet tears, I present to you the last installation of my ink drawing series. The photograph, taken in the Yu Garden in Shanghai, does not relay the true ambiance of the scene. While the photo is tranquil and still, behind the camera, I could barely move through the sea of people around me. However, I really enjoyed the gardens, as it was a very different environment from the modern skyscrapers of Pudong.

Red buildings hover over the water in Yu Garden.

Playing again with digital watercolors, I mirrored the red of the buildings with a red sky and contrasted the still lake water with falling raindrops in the rendering below.

Blue raindrops from red skies??

With August upon us, so is my last post for Sunset Media Wave, as I embark to Shanghai for college later this month. This column has allowed me to develop so many new artistic tools; I hope to be able to take everything I’ve learned here and continue my creative endeavors in Shanghai. While it will be a long journey, I’ll always be back. See you soon.