Redesigning Metropolis: The Zoo

San Diego was so fun! It’s too bad I was only there for two days. There wasn’t a lot of time, but I managed to visit the safari and it was awesome; if you’ve been following my column, you know I have a thing for flamingos, so I was lucky to see a few during my short stay. When I saw a stand of bamboo, I legitimately thought I was going to see a few pandas, but my expectations were dashed along with my dripping sweat. I did see some snakes (note: not the ones at my school) and was really impressed by their patterns on their skin.

Prior to leaving the zoo, my family and I wanted to try the zip-line, but we thought it was too expensive, so we left without trying it out. My friend, who was in the city at the same time informed me later that I was looking at the wrong price list. It was a bit regretful, but fun nonetheless. After leaving the zoo, on our way to Los Angeles, we stopped for a quick snack. We went somewhere near the port and ate flamingo burgers. Just kidding, we ate lobster, shrimp, fries, and garlic bread. But if you know where I could get some flamingo burgers, let me know!