Is This The Real Life: Birduction

The magic of Photoshop is so much more than making things look prettier, or creating random things. It’s a kind of art form, one which I want to explore more of moving forward.

Birds are creatures of peace and grace. Except for pigeons, of course. But what if they weren’t? What if they kidnapped people? I had an idea for this post in my head, so I got to work.

I was going to try a more surreal approach. When I started my column, I wanted to push the boundaries of realism and the push has started with this post.

For this post, everything except me in the photo is fake. The birds, the phone, the net (surprising I know), and even the wall.

The experience I have in photo editing isn’t a lot, as I trained myself, but after the hours I spent on this post, I realized exactly how much can be faked and how much our view can be altered.