The Opal Projects: Project Expression

The Opal Projects: Project Expression

Welcome back to Opal Projects!! This week I’m feeling way better because I got a break from school. School tends to make me feel stressed and I usually don’t find what they teach very interesting. Instead, I challenge myself by going to theater rehearsals and creating these posts. This column is a place where I can be open about myself in the hope that someone reading this may be experiencing the same things I’m going through.

Today I’m going to explore the challenges I experience with personal drive and my obsessive inquisitiveness.

I often express that I am passionate and that when I do something I am driven. The reality is that when I’m given tasks, I tend not to complete them. I either half-ass my way through things or neglect to finish them. I can say that I have improved a bit over time, but not to the point that I would like to be. I want to grow and meet my fullest potential. My lack of drive holds me back from achieving things I’ve always wanted to do, like learn a new language or play an instrument. I am definitely changing though and I realized that this year. I’ve proven to myself that I have the drive to do musical theater, which requires me to research about the play and to go to 60-80 rehearsals every production.

I have always been curious and I use that word nicely because sometimes I can be nosy. It depends on who you ask, I suppose. On the positive side, there is something in me that wants to learn more about others and what drives them.  I often ask people “What are you doing?” or “How did you do that?” A lot of people like it when I ask questions because it shows that I am interested. At times, they can find it a bit invasive, so I have learned to be more cautious when I ask questions. Once I have built a closer relationship and feel more comfortable, I tend to start asking deeper questions. I realized that this feature, to some, is appealing and a lot of people feel comfortable to talk to me about things cause they know I want to know more. Learning to read people and having a good sense of timing is important.

Next post, I will be opening about vulnerability and confidence. I hope this has been useful and that I’ve inspired you to keep on pushing through your own challenges. Thanks for reading!

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