The Builder’s Block: The House of Five Continents

After a short hiatus, I’m back to building here at The Builder’s Block! A new build always begins with a search for architectural inspiration. Usually, I’ll take a walk or drive around the city to discover some old Victorians but a while back, I decided to dig around the internet instead. I eventually stumbled across photos of a mysterious Art Nouveau building in Antwerp, Belgium.

After several weeks of hunting through architecture blogs, I found its exact location on Google Maps. I began sketching out blueprints and collecting parts from conventions and online marketplaces. Containers of boat hulls, blue and yellow 2×2 plates, and minifigure-scale ski poles started accumulating on my living room floor (much to my parents’ dismay). Now, here I am, two years after I first stumbled upon the House De Vijf Werelddelen (The House of Five Continents) and I’m finally ready to build it. Stay tuned as I tackle my latest project!