Sweet Dreams: Under the Sea (Finished Piece)

Joanna Li

This piece is based on a photograph that I took in New York. I glued a photograph onto my canvas, and then painted the rest of the fabric. For the upper half of the painting, I painted the sky and the surface of the ocean. For the lower half, I painted what was under the sea, including sea turtles, fish, seaweed, and corals.

New York, New York

I think my favorite thing about New York was that I could never get bored in the city. It didn’t matter whether it was day or night, there was always something to do. In Soho, Manhattan, there are plenty of stores to shop in. From big brands like Adidas, to hypebeast clothing stores, to small fashion boutiques, Soho has it all. On Staten Island, you can go ride a ferry and see the Statue of Liberty. In fact, the photo I used for this project was taken while I was on the ferry ride from Staten Island to Manhattan. New York also has some of the world’s most iconic sites, including Times Square, Central Park, and the Empire State Building. Although I spent an entire week in New York when I went there, I felt as if I had only gotten a taste of what the city was like.  If I could go back to New York again, I definitely would, because there is so much that I still haven’t seen.

sea turtle
pink corals
sea urchins