Virtual Reality: Oblivion

Nima Alizadeh

Sometimes the virtual world can make us lose sight of the real one. That’s my main concept behind this column, and that’s what I will be focusing on in the coming weeks. In my illustration, I chose to depict a young man with his nose buried in his phone, completely oblivious of the old lady who is struggling to pick up her fallen groceries. For the man, I decided to avoid the use of color in order to signify how unaware he is of all the life going on around him. This drawing was inspired by an actual experience I had, except the older woman in my story lady was ignored by a jogger who ran right past her without even noticing her needs. I’m happy with the result of my drawing, but I definitely think there’s room to improve. One challenge I faced that I hope to overcome throughout my column is the process by which I transfer my initial sketch to the final illustration.