The Sunset Lifeline: Since I’ve Been Gone! [Portfolio]

I took my first dive into digital content creation when I was six. Watching my father create video memorabilia using Vegas DVD Architect. I would passionately watch from afar, asking naive questions in an attempt to comprehend the software’s logistics. It didn’t take long before I started giving it a go and soon enough, the sound of a mouse clicking in an otherwise silent room would become customary. Each production led towards an enhanced inventory of techniques as a video editor.

Fast forward to 2018. What has been my most monumental point in my video-creating journey, would have to be joining Sunset Media Wave and creating The Sunset Lifeline. This column is my effort to document my high school life in moving pictures. “But who are you in the first place?” you might wonder. My name is Lemar Deguzman and I am back from a short hiatus and ready to get back to my column.

Within the eight months since the last rendition, I’ve been granted many opportunities to expand my filmmaking and editing skills so hopefully you’ll notice some new twists and turns. Here is a video I am particularly proud of creating. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I’ve enjoyed making them!


I will be back to the normal Lifeline routine next post, and will touch on the creation of this video next time!