Cut & Paste: York

My cousins live in a small part of York, England called Huntington. Every other year or so we travel 12 hours on a United Airlines flight to the UK and make sure to stop there. My cousins are twin boys, the same age as my brother. Although it can sometimes feel like having 3 little brothers, whenever my siblings and I see them it only takes about 10 minutes for us to pick up where we left off and have fun. I have so many memories of taking the bus into downtown York and spending the day there. The city is thousands of years old, and the roads and sidewalks are stone and surrounded by tudor-style houses. We walk through the shops and pop in and out of them, the tourist shops, the coffee shops, there’s even a Harry Potter shop! Walking past York Minster (featured in my collage), which is a huge cathedral that you can see from miles away. We eat lunch at Five Guys or a fish and chip shop. After walking around for an hour or two we would return to their small but comfortable home.

Living thousands of miles away from all of my external family can be difficult, but it means that when I do get to spend time with them, those moments become much more special and memorable. England feels like a second home and this collage makes me feel a little closer to my family there.