Idioms 4 Idiots: The Best of Both of Both Worlds

What’s up y’all?! I’m back with another idiom and this time (if you hadn’t guessed yet) I made a collage about the idiom “best of both worlds”. This idiom has relatively murky origins and is dated back to around the 1800s. It likely evolved from a phrase from Voltaire’s Candide,  “the best of all possible worlds”,  which was published in 1759. The phrase is used to describe a situation where you get the benefits of two, separate things and none of the downsides.

For this one, I decided to make a Venn diagram of two worlds to show the overlap of the two worlds, literally. I chose to use Earth and Saturn because, well, they look cool and they’re two very different worlds. In the center is an image of Telluride, Colorado which is a beautiful, picturesque place. Also not too hidden in the image are two little friends! They don’t have names yet so if anyone wants to name them let me know down below.

Images of: Saturn and Earth via NASA and Telluride via Vogue

Collage via moi (as always!)