Child Wonder: So a Duck and Pixie Walk Into a Bar – Pt.1

Karime Carrillo

Spring break! A time for leisure, recreation and taking it easy (unless you are an indoor introvert who would rather watch tv shows all day). Last month, my spring break was actually my best break so far. I began by going to see Captain Marvel with my boyfriend, my mom, my brother and his friend Diego. I’m not the type to drop spoilers, but I will say it was marvelous. We went for a stroll on the way to drop off Diego and my brother and happened to run into my uncle. If you’ve ever been to downtown San Francisco’s AMC theater, you have probably seen the man statue with five legs, five hands, and a briefcase. Ever since I was little, my family has told me he was my uncle so, of course, I believe them. He works as a silver-man robot statue. So as we saw him it reminded me of Stan Lee because he had the same vibrant smile and friendly vibe. I knew if they met they would get along with each other.

After my boyfriend went home and we dropped off my brother at his sleepover, we decided to get food because we were starving. We went to a place called Uno Dos Tacos! If you know me, then you know I don’t like trying new things, but if it has a funny name I have to check it out. So my mom and I have never been here and luckily they had the option of a non-alcoholic Margarita, which I asked for and my mom got a regular Margarita. We were nervous that the food would taste bad like the last place we went to, but it has now become our favorite place! By the time we hit drink number three and taco number five, I started seeing Tinker Bell flying around in and out of my drink and knew that it was time to go! I was getting pretty tired because it was around eleven o’clock.

The week of spring break was also one week before my prom and guess who still didn’t have a dress? My friend Caitlin and well… me. My mom and I went shopping downtown for hours and all we accomplished was getting boba. We were feeling the pressure, but then we went to a store we had coupons for and were able to find a dress there. As I was in the store, I tried on earrings because they looked really cute, but I didn’t have my ears pierced. (Actually, they used to be pierced but they closed when I was little). When we exited the store, I was mumbling an Adventure Time song (Everything Stays by Rebecca Sugar) and looked left to see an earrings booth that said ‘I can pierce my ears for free.’ I took it as a sign. I’m scared of needles so the whole time I was biting my jacket and I’m pretty sure she thought I was a wimp. Thirty minutes later, she was proved right. It was stinging and I was close to tears because my adrenaline was so high and I was laughing at everything. We walked by these two statues of dogs with cameras and I thought to myself, “Is that Goofy but without a hat?” Then I saw Goofy walk out of H&M to the statues, clearly amused that he is with “his kind.” It cheered me up and distracted me from my stinging ears.

A couple of days afterward, I went on an adventure with my brother, cousins, Pikachu, sushi monster and Double D. However that’s the second part to this one week adventure. Tune in next time, lost youth!

To be continued…