Feeling Nostalgic: Rose-tinted

I tend to romanticize the past. Of all the memories I have, most of them are always brighter in my head than when I was actually experiencing them. Of course, it is great to have happy memories; they lead me to believe I have led a pretty great life so far. However, it becomes a problem when you constantly think about the past. Sometimes I spend so much time thinking about my past experiences that I forget to think about the present, and even the future. I need to remember that life has so much more to offer, and there are so many more memories to be made – I just have to start living in the moment. This column has been a great way for me to not only reflect on my memories, but to also reflect on myself. I know now that I need to strike a balance between reminiscing about the past, planning for the future, and living in the moment. I think it is time for me to take off my rose-tinted glasses… at least for now.