Idioms 4 Idiots: Error 404, Collage Not Found

Surprise: no collage here! I know what you’re all thinking. “What the heck is this girl doing posting without a collage?” And I know, I know, that’s not my usual thing, but I don’t want to cut any corners so I’ve been focusing on collecting all the pieces I need to assemble my newest collage. I’ll give you a hint about the idiom I’m working next on though: it has to do a certain body part. You can take a guess if you dare!

Recently, I went to a gallery exhibit of a few different Bay Area collage artists and it was super inspiring. It really got my gears going. Seeing the variety of techniques used to make collage and all of the incredibly distinct, unique styles was really motivating. Sometimes I can get stuck artistically in a bit of a rut. Seeing how other artists utilize the medium really helped me out of that and gave me some fresh new ideas and inspiration.

But I didn’t mean to pull the wool over all y’all’s eyes and trick you into thinking you were getting a collage with every post because that’s just not very sustainable, especially with my perfectionist’s streak. But never fear, I’ll have a completed collage for you in the next post. See you then!