Ethereality: Diamonds

“Shine bright like a diamond … ‘cause diamonds are forever…”

I had the best time at the Singular Tour, but the most surreal part for me was when Sabrina performed the Diamonds Medley. She first sings “Diamonds are Forever,” a powerful song from her latest album Singular Act I. The crowd went crazy as she belted the lyrics, and at one point the stage lights reflected so brightly on her sparkling outfit that she was almost glowing. The song soon ended and transitioned into the melody of ‘Diamonds’ by Rihanna, which was very pleasing to hear. I remember raising my phone up to shine its light and together with the crowd, we created stars. We were “like diamonds in the sky.”

The photos I used to illustrate this were taken right before the show began. I found the first one kind of funny because it says “timeless” but it’s one of those old movie countdowns. The interior of the venue was absolutely stunning with velvet curtains and crystal chandeliers, which went really well with the opening stage. I think this song really enhanced the feeling of being there and having the time of your life.