Lo Que Siento: an introduction

Welcome to Lo Que Siento (What I Feel). My life has taken some interesting turns within the past year, but through it all, I’ve learned to really appreciate and cherish the people and things in my life. This summer, I will be using poetry and collage to share my journey through the year, as well as some people and things that have played important roles in it. I have to admit that I lack experience in both poetry and making collages, but I’m inspired, and ready to give it my best shot. Until now, my poetry has stayed within the pages of my journal and in the notes section of my phone, but I’m excited to share my art with The Wave in the hope of making someone truly feel something. For my collages, I will be working with assorted images from both online sources and from my own camera roll. The top layer will be comprised of a black and white cutout of a person mentioned in the poem, and the text will be placed in a scattered fashion across the collage.

I hope you enjoy learning a little bit about my life, my art, and the world of my emotions.