Ambitious Animation Batteries: Powering Up

Powering up… Checking internal integrity… Scanning surroundings… Fully operational… Relaying message… Begin sequence! Watching short simple animations online led me to think that I could do them myself. These animations didn’t have many frames, but they were really entertaining nonetheless. I have some experience using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Premiere to make animations, but I want to expand my knowledge with different animation programs as well. The first animation I’m going to make is about an anti-aircraft battery firing A.A. batteries into a TV remote. This idea is also a play on words that references the name of my column since the abbreviation for it is A.A. Batteries. I don’t plan on making super good high frame rate animations, so these two A.A. battery pictures are the only two frames for the movement. In the future, I plan to make a GIF about a Terraria animation, and an O.C. character animation, to name a few of my ideas.