Tripping Down Memory Lane: Paradise



wherever I am

whoever I’m with

my only paradise

is in my mind; a myth 


I don’t see palm trees

I see the wind blowing through

I don’t see the sunny blue skies

but what they could turn to


the glass is always half-empty

when I look to it

if I fill it up, I’ll spill it 

I have no hope, I’ll admit it 


looking to my future

but I only remember the past

praying it doesn’t repeat itself

the good memories never last


the bad outweighs the good

I’m left speechless in between

while everyone’s in paradise

I’m stuck behind the scenes


to live in the moment

I must create my own

wallowing in the past

will just leave me alone


paradise is personal

not just a place

if I ever make my own

you’ll see it in my face