The Perfect Ballad: Count Me In

What is the perfect ballad? The perfect ballad is that one romance song which gets you through the many complicated stages of your love life, whatever that may look like. It gets you through breakups, through the start of relationships, and even the tiny little crush you have on that one person in your math class. Sadly, I’ve experienced all of these, which leads me to the topic of my column at Sunset Media Wave! All my life, music has been a driving force, whether it’s playing piano, songwriting or singing. Singing is my biggest passion in life and, as The Perfect Ballad suggests, ballads are my favorite style of music. Perfect is one of my favorite songs by my all-time favorite singer Ed Sheeran, so I just put the two ideas together. In this column, I invite you to follow me on my mission to create the perfect ballad as I write, record, and produce my next original song.

Here’s the link to my first original song “Puppeteer”!