Not a Phase: Nothing Rhymes With Yellow

Many words rhyme with yellow. This post’s title is a play on the phrase ‘Nothing Rhymes With Orange’ (featured in my piece on the bottom right-hand corner). This phrase has troubled me since I was young because, every time someone says it, I spend way too long trying to prove the world wrong. I included other things that make me feel uneasy: an old Simpsons cartoon, IKEA, Spongebob (they have some weird stuff in that show), and sunflowers. How do they find the sun? Every time. It’s a miracle.


Albums Featured:                                                    Songs Listened to While Creating:

Only Child- Tierra Whack                                        Get It Together- Genshin 

Don’t Smile At Me- Billie Eilish                                Heard ‘Em Say- Kanye West 

The Life Of Pablo- Kanye West                               Slide- H.E.R. 

Man on the Moon- Kid Cudi                                   LV Smoke- Ryan Trey