The Perfect Ballad: I Don’t Care

A lot of exciting things have happened since we last met, the most exciting being that I finished recording most of my song! During the process of recording, I decided to change the style of the song a bit. Usually, I sing and write all my music on the piano, but this time around, the guitar felt like the better choice.

I know some of you may be thinking, “Wow you can play the piano and guitar, you’re so talented!” But don’t be fooled because I can’t play guitar, sadly – maybe in the future! I know, how disappointing. The upside is that I invited one of my good friends, Austin Nie, to share his strumming skills for the song! He is extremely talented, plays multiple instruments and sings well too. Because of this, he will also be adding backing vocals.

For the cover this time, I decided to sing “I Don’t Care” by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. I performed it as a duet with Austin so you can listen to his incredible voice. This cover took a few days to finish, but we finally managed to pull it off. “I Don’t Care” is one of the songs that gave me the inspiration to use a guitar in my new song, since it uses a guitar throughout. We put a lot of effort into this, so we hope you enjoy it!

featured image p/c : Austin Nie