CLAY’SMIND: Escape Into The Gallery

Clayton Au

I always had the intention of using a gallery-style approach in my final post by using an assortment of random images that have inspired my upcoming album release on January 3, 2020. It is still too early for me to disclose specific album details such as its title and tracklist, but rest assured, I will let you know! For now, I want to share a detail shot of my album cover design (see above), and art for two of the singles that I released prior to the full-length album (see below).

Now, let’s take a trip into the archives! Here is a scrapped single cover that I never released. I found it on an old USB and decided to recover it because there is something I really like about it.

This is where I recorded my album and made the instrumentals. I like to work in my room because it feels a lot more personal when the song is released, and also it’s very convenient for me to just take a nap, wake up and work on music. My room will always be my comfort zone and a special place for me creatively, just because of how much music I’ve created in this room.

Below are some of the works of art/people who inspired the progression and direction of my music, aesthetic and creative ventures.

These are the people that I thank, each for different reasons. They have helped with the process of making my music at this specific time.

Original project tracklist from 2017:

Sneak peek at the final tracklist, but only the songs I have released as of now:

The final statement for this column: