Chloe Smiles: Lyrics to Castro Apartment

Hello I’m back for spring cycle! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Chloe aka Judah Fawn.  After recording one song at a time for the past year, I’ve decided it’s best to record batches of songs, rather consecutively, as in one after another. If I record the skeletons of songs then work on all of them simultaneuosly, I’ve found it’s more effective and helps with writer’s block because when I get stuck or bored or lose inspiration for one song, I can always jump over to another one. It keeps things fresh and lively. Anyway, here are the lyrics to an upcoming song of mine called Castro Apartment. I’ve got a lot of the basic tracks recorded but it’s going to take me a minute to finish everything, so for now, this will have to do:

The static is whispering, you’re too noisy to read
so here I am again in this Castro apartment
The taste is lingering, staring at the ceiling
I’m an infidel, oh please don’t tell
An earthquake to shake the streets when you are with me
Don’t let ashes of the J onto my sheets
The distance inbetween Taraval and cranked on E
is what’s eating me, like inferiority
I really like you x3

Racing down the street because he’s worried, my apologies
A bad meeting
Please do keep in mind this song has no meaning
I’ll look between the eyes next time I lie

I really like you x3

If this is a game then you’re so bad at it
you’re too obvious, far too obvious
What do you want to do tonight
Let’s rendevous at the church and dance to Sublime
Hypothetically speaking, you’re not my type
You’re just too kind
I was wrong in hindsight

I really like you