Project V: Getting to Know Me!

Welcome to Project V! The name is inspired by the peace sign, one of my favorite photo poses as a five year-old. For this column, I’ll be showing little tidbits of my creative process throughout the cycle as I create and express myself in a short animation video. Since this is the first post, I thought it’d be nice to start with a “get to know the artist” type of thing, to create a mental picture of who I am as a person. I include very little information about my passions for drawing because I hope to show who I am as an artist through my art.

I’m fascinated by the way that wave of emotion rushes through me when I see a finished drawing, even if that finished product isn’t mine. In my first post, the character I drew in the background is an original one that I designed, based on me, to express those emotions in a simplistic, casual manner. Though this little embodiment of myself is not a major component to the storyline, it will be appearing in future posts. My goal for this video is to share the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment with others through the story I create. More about the storyline, coming soon!