Dressed-Up Dress Up: Yumeko Jabami

Today I’m sharing my latest shoot as Yumeko Jabami, and I’ve been really excited to show these photos. This character is from the anime Kakegurui, which revolves around Yumeko’s transfer into an academy where social status is based on gambling prowess. Students are ranked by number for their donations to the student council, which keeps the gambling and betting going. Those who win gain status and glory, while those who lose and go into debt become slaves to the rest of the students. Students who are unable to pay off their debts by graduation pay with their lives and become “life slaves”. Yumeko has a different approach: she gambles not to win, but for the thrill of it. Her wits and philosophy are what changes the game. Yumeko is a pretty popular character to cosplay, and I wanted to give it a shot. We had a really fun shoot and played with a lot of ideas involving cards and lighting. I had a great time and came up with a few gems to share.