Scribbly: A Gem.

For my third post, I wanted to create an image from start to finish. My previous drawings were fun to draw, but I was using someone else’s idea/creation as a starting point. This was my first time using a human model as a reference, and my first time designing the jewelry. Outlining the model came easily, but settling on a suitable design for the jewelry was a challenge for me. 


In this illustration, I decided to draw a man completely decked out in extravagant jewelry. I wanted to draw ‘feminine’ jewelry on a male model. I found a portrait style image of a model as a reference, and then drafted up a ton of elaborate ideas for the jewelry design on a separate piece of paper, which ultimately led to my final image. 


Overall, I’m really proud of myself because this was my own creation and I was confident enough to challenge myself and bring this vision to fruition. My determination helped me finish this challenging idea.