I’ve consumed an extreme amount of television over the course of my time on the planet. On the CMCM (Clay’s Most Consumed Media) list, televisioni is second only to music. Coming of age during a time that can be considered the ‘awkward transitional period from the 90s to the 2010s,’ there were still remnants of the previous decade that continued dying off. 


The internet was becoming more easily accessible commercially but television was still the main way people passed their entertainment hours. Since I’m a 2002 baby, I got to experience that firsthand and saw the natural progression into the new streaming era. These thoughts haven’t really crossed my mind until recently, when I started working on a new album/mixtape. 


I’m naming the project VIDEOSTAR2000, which is a deeper metaphor which I don’t want to explain to people until the project is out, but during my process of making the aesthetics and the instrumentals for the project, I find myself watching the shows I grew up with on Hulu. In fact, I’ve read that during the pandemic, a lot of people are returning to shows they watched when they were young. 


This led to me to the epiphany that we transitioned from an era of time when something would premiere on television and people would have to be very schedule-oriented for their

entertainment to a society where we can watch virtually whatever we want whenever we want. I have a lot of nostalgia for the past, but in this respect, I think streaming is an incredible convenience, so I love how the times have progressed and evolved.