Motion of the Ocean: Leap of Faith

You may be wondering why I called this post, “Leap of Faith!” One reason is that it’s punny and I love a good pun here and there. The second reason, is because I thought it would be a fun idea for a GIF. (Mission accomplished on that one.) The final reason, and the most meaningful one, is because this project has been a creative leap of faith. As most of you know, I’ve been working on this dance since the summer and I’ve had to overcome some major fears and obstacles to move this dream forward. These last few weeks, I’ve been able to focus on the choreography for this routine and in my next post, I will be showing you a small clip that I filmed at my dance studio. The vibe of this dance so far is haunting and occasionally creepy. I’m excited to show you a sneak peak in my next post. Stay tuned!