The Coolyst Duelyst: Budget Zir’An Sunforge Deck


Duelyst Budget Lyonar Zir’An Deck List:

Spells: Sundrop Elixir x3 Sun Bloom x2 Lucent Beam x3 Gold Vitriol x3 Holy Immolation x3 Trinity Oath x3 Aperion’s Claim x1

Minions: Sunrise Cleric x3 Flameblood Warlock x3 Healing Mystic x3 Scintilla x3 SilverGuard Knight x3 Blistering Skorn x2 Sunriser x3 Excelsious x1

For this second budget Lyonar deck, we will be using the second general, Zir’An Sunforge. With this deck, you will be using a heal-based deck so your approach is going to be way more aggressive. In this deck list, I’m including many cards that will dish out quick damage to the opponent and help you control the field. As you may have discovered already, the main playstyle of this deck is to go head-on from the start, for maximum effectiveness.

Zir’An Sunforge – This will be the second general from the Lyonar Kingdoms and also the best choice of a general with this type of deck. The Bloodborn spell is unique to this general, in that it gives you the ability to heal any minion for three health, a good asset for chaining your combos with your minions.

Sundrop Elixir – Sundrop elixir will be a good spell card to help you stay healthy in the late game, while helping you chain heal combos with your other minions. As a one Mana spell card, it will be a cheap way to heal yourself or your minions, and keep them all alive.


Sun Bloom –  Along with all these aggressive cards, you also need control cards to deal with the other minions your opponent plays. So Sun Bloom will be a great spell card to have to deal with very strong minions.

Lucent Beam – This spell card is great to have in an aggro deck due to its versatility. Not limited to minions, it can target any enemy, so if you end up dropping your enemy down to a low health, you can just heal and deal 4 points of damage to their face. This is also a great card to have to control the field early on with any minions you face, especially the ranged minions you can’t just attack.


Gold Vitriol – This artifact is a great card to have in a heal deck. Although, the 2 points of damage goes to a random enemy instead of one that you choose, it is still good because you will have so many heals that you will end up clearing the board.

Trinity Oath – This spell card is great at keeping you alive and giving you a hand advantage in the game. Trinity Oath will also help you with your heal combos because it restores 3 points of health to your general.

Holy Immolation – This spell will help you deal with a lot of minions having AoE damage. Also if you can position your minion right you can get the most value by dealing that 4 points of damage onto the enemy general.

Aperion’s Claim – This spell will be the spell card that will help you gain control late game. Destroying any minion in a 3 by 3 and replacing it with a hallowed ground will help you with your healings.



Sunrise Cleric – Sunrise Cleric is a great minion to have early game. By having a one Mana minion and being able to place down a hollow ground, you will be setting yourself up for the late game. Having a one Mana minion also gives you a great first turn when you are limited to a very low mana scale.


Flameblood Warlock –  Similar to the Sunrise Cleric. this two Mana minion card is a great early game minion to play. This is because it’s a low cost, fast way to deal 3 points of damage to the enemy general. Although it also does 3 points of damage to your general as well, it is actually beneficial because you need your general to be damaged in order to get heal combos off.


Healing Mystic – Healing Mystic is a great card to have in the early and late game. As a two Mana minion, you can play this early game, just like the Flameblood Warlock and the Sunrise Cleric. I recommend holding this card for the late game though, so that you can assist your heal combos. But if you end up being forced to play early on (because you don’t have any of the other low cost minions) its still a good minion to have on the field. Why, you may ask? Because it is a 2, 3, relatively tanky with good damage early on.


Scintilla – Scintilla is a usually a late game card because it is a blood surge, so you will need to activate your bloodbound spell that turn. It will help you stay alive late game, while being able to chain heal combos and deal damage to your opponent.


Silverguard Knight – This 3, 5 minion with Provoke is a great card to have when you need a tank on the field and help you apply more pressure on the opponent’s generals movement. Also with this deck, it is good to just have bodies on the field so that you can do your heal combos.

Sunriser – Sunriser will be the best card to help you with your heal combos. Sunriser will act like Holy Immolation, but as a minion, it will be easier to position. Sunriser is great to have late game when you can heal multiple times.

Blistering Skorn – This four Mana minion is a great one to have early to mid game. The reason why this is a great minion is because it deals 1 point of damage to everything, helping you deal with any 1 health minions you face (such as heartseekers and ripper eggs). Dealing 1 damage on itself will also help you get a heal combo off, if you place it on Hallowed Ground.  

Excelsious – This is your trump card late game. After healing so many times throughout the game, you’ll will be buffing this minion, which has Provoke and Celerity, making it a hard card to oppose. It does have one weakness though, in that it can be easily destroyed by a removal spell. If you can get rid of their removal cards early game, this minion will lead to a definite win.  


Bonus effects that you will be dealing with as a Lyonar player will be:

Zeal – This attribute only is active while next to your general.

Provoke – This attribute will force any nearby enemy to attack the minion with provoke, protecting your other minions.

Blood Surge – The attribute that goes along with the Bloodsurge will activate when you activate your bloodbound spell.

Opening Gambit – The attribute will activate once the minion is summoned.

Hallowed Ground – This is a tile that heals your minion or general while on the tile for one point of health at the end of your turn.