Grey Barrios: Indigo Sky

Are dreams really just reflections of our desires? Do the little details of these dreams mean anything more than our longing for a goal, a person, or a burger?  What if dreams…  could predict the future? What if this transcript is from the actual future? 

[Suspenseful music plays.]


LEV: My dreams didn’t predict this

DEVIN: Predict.. what? 

LEV: This. Documenting the last couple of years like we’re Reality TV stars. Or maybe like actors in an Abraham Lincoln documentary. Anyway, it’s not like I’m complaining.

MAVIS: Our dreams only occur when we need to be taught a lesson. About life and stuff. We’re the ones who decided to document it. Plus it’s not like predicting the future is the only part of it. That’s why we need to tell the stories more in depth like this.

EILEEN: Wait, wait, wait! Telling the reader about it just ruins the suspense! Give them time to read it first!

MAVIS: Ok, fine whatever… go ahead.