Yzabel Lam – incognito

Yzabel Lam

One step, and I’ve entered two parts of Asia. I am lost. It is in my intuition to share my cluelessness to find clues, and scavenge the place where I belong. This is where I don’t want to be. I must find my land. 

Enter a station of shower thoughts… hit repeat.



some bring down the faints like we didn’t swim through the waters

we’re figures

we’re fixtures

we’re molding into the waters

atlantic or not

we’re drifting, we’ve adapted into the same species

same scars

same nose

thick hair

courage on high


and such

genetic indifference, alleles by my side

but still, we cannot decipher our strands, still sailing

in the same water you’ve disowned me in

planted, rafting around these towns

you prayed for my downfall

so you could explore the world, experience the trueness that society holds

not piecing me in images, but i’m sure we wouldn’t relate

we’re too different, too alike

we’re a family,

yet you’ve huddled in the lyrics of sins

i’m sinking in beliefs but the roots have fallen, twisted

couldn’t pull myself up

it’s so easy to merge,

but finally finding the urge to simply let this in:

i live braided by the wind

i’m searching through the waters

trying to connect

we’re telepathically related, but still cannot express

trust me, it has become hard to decipher

what will happen next